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£2,500 compensation for student after painful acrylic nail removal

In early January 2017, full-time student Lucy visited a York beauty salon to have her acrylic nails removed.

The salon manager, who had originally applied the nails just before Christmas, prepared a solution of acetone and warm water, and left Lucy with her nails soaking in the solution.

Another technician came and checked on the nails every 10 minutes or so, filing the nails in between soaking; she continued to file the nails after the tips had been soaked off.

The technician noted that she had nicked the skin at the side of some of Lucy’s fingers and asked if they were sore. Lucy replied that they were. One of her little fingers was now bleeding and some of her other fingers looked grazed. Regardless, the technician continued to file the nails, focusing on 3 in particular.

However, when she then began to buff the nails Lucy had to ask her to stop as it was now far too painful. The manager intervened and told the technician to just apply some nail oil.

Lucy’s nails became increasingly painful over the next few hours, so much so that she had to visit her GP the following day. Her nails were now extremely painful and one of them appeared to have a hole in it and was bleeding in the middle. The GP recommended the use of Ibuprofen gel and paracetamol and signed her off sick from her part-time job for two weeks.

Lucy then went back to the salon to complain about the treatment and asked for a refund of the £15 fee.  The manager refused saying that Lucy had been warned about the damage that acrylic nails could do to natural nails. She did however offer a voucher for another treatment and cream to put on her nails; both of which Lucy declined.

Instead, Lucy contacted the National Accident Helpline to see if she had a case for compensation and was referred to Atherton Godfrey as local personal injury specialists.

The excessive filing had damaged 7 nails which caused Lucy difficulty with the most basic things such as showering or getting dressed as the nails had become very brittle, thin and sensitive to touch and water temperatures.

Maria Dallas, trainee legal executive handled the claim and was able to recover £2,500 compensation for Lucy in an out of court settlement.


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