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£45,000 fine for firm after employee loses both legs

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) successfully prosecuted Filtrations Service Engineering, Kidderminster, following an accident in which one of their employees lost both his legs and suffered head and arm injuries.The firm was ordered to pay a fine of £30,000 plus more than £15,000 in costs.
The accident happened after a unit was filled with compressed air to pressure-test welding seals after concerns were raised about the quality of the welding. Once filled with compressed air, the unit became so pressurised that it exploded and tore itself in two.
Clive Dainty (51) was hit by one half of the exploding unit and was pushed against a cupboard on the wall nearby. The explosion was so fierce that it propelled a fire extinguisher with enough force for it to go through a wooden staircase.
Mr Dainty’s injuries were so severe that he had to have both legs amputated and spent many months in hospital. He also suffered head and arm injuries, which had to be repaired with steel plates and have resulted in a severe restriction in movement.
This accident could have been avoided, as the welding on the unit could simply have been tested by filling it with water.
The HSE Inspector responsible for bringing this action against Filtration Service Engineering commented that the company’s health and safety management was completely inadequate and it was lucky that no other employees were injured or killed in the explosion.
Mr Dainty said that, although he had lost both his legs, he wasn’t going to give up on life. His compensation claim would help him to be able to get prosthetic limbs and to have his home adapted for his wheelchair.
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