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Accident at holiday park ends couple’s plans

An elderly Scottish couple’s plans to cross the border and spend their summers in Suffolk were dealt a blow after an accident at a holiday park.

The couple had bought a new lodge, and having only seen photographs of it, were excited to arrive at the park to see it for the first time.

It looked just as lovely as they had expected. But they were disappointed to find that the decking, handrails and stairs had not yet been installed. However, the park owners had put temporary wooden steps up to the back door for them.

On the day of the accident, Mrs K had decided to get on with some jobs while her husband was out playing bowls.

She opened the back door and went to take some tools outside. As she did, her foot went from underneath her, causing her to fall sideways onto the flagstones. The steps had no handrail so there was nothing for Mrs K to grab hold of to try and break her fall.

Mrs K was helped back to her feet by a groundsman who was working nearby. Initially, although very shaken, Mrs K thought she had got away with just cuts and bruises and pain in her ankle. Within a few days though, she realised that her injuries were more serious, and her husband took her to the local A&E. There, she was diagnosed with tendonitis and given paracetamol and codeine for the pain.

Over the next few weeks, Mrs K’s leg became more and more swollen and she was forced to return to the hospital.  An MRI scan revealed that Mrs K had snapped her Achilles tendon. She also had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). She was prescribed blood thinning medication, put in a plaster cast and given a Zimmer frame and crutches.

Mrs K’s  mobility was severely hindered. She was unable to drive her car, needed assistance with household tasks and couldn’t even enjoy a game of bowls with her husband.

The park owner had quickly replaced the temporary steps with some that had handrails. A similar set was also placed against the patio doors at the front of the lodge.

Mrs K was reluctant to claim against the park owner. But after they sold the lodge, Mrs K decided to speak to a solicitor at home in Scotland for advice.

As the accident happened in England, the solicitor referred the case to Atherton Godfrey, as specialists in personal injury compensation claims.

Katrina Elsey, personal injury lawyer, took on the case and recovered over £25,000 compensation for Mrs K in an out of court settlement.

If you have been injured in an accident at a holiday park, or while on holiday at home or abroad, call and speak to our friendly team – 01302 320621.

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