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Accidents abroad: dangers and what you can claim for

Accidents abroad – do you know what you can claim for?

Pre-Covid, Brits were making up to 60 million trips abroad each year. We work long and hard for our holidays and look forward to our time away.

Foreign safety standards

No one goes away expecting to be injured. It’s worth noting though that not all foreign health and safety standards are as stringent as those in the UK; in some countries, they may not exist at all.

Dangers to beware of

Slips, trips and falls – account for the most holiday injuries sustained abroad. Floors are generally tiled and may not have a non-slip surface. Floors, stairs and paths may be badly maintained and have loose or broken tiles, presenting trip hazards.

Balconies – the height of balcony walls or terrace railings may be much lower than you would find in the UK, where the minimum legal height is 1.1 metres.

Fire safety  – standards could be very much lower than at home, particularly with regards to smoke detectors and fire exits. If there is a fire safety plan on the back of your room door, take a few minutes to make sure you know where the emergency exits are.

Electrical safety – standards may differ greatly, so don’t expect the same protection as you have at home. Whether you’re using an adapter or not, don’t leave anything plugged in over-night.   Find more details here: Information For Travellers: Using Electricals Overseas | Electrical Safety First

Accidents abroad

To put it all into perspective, Brits are more likely to spend the night in a prison than a hospital bed. But if your holiday is cut short or ruined by an injury that wasn’t your fault, then you could at least be able to recover some or all of your expenses.

How we can help

If you’re unfortunate enough to be injured while on a package holiday, either while you’re travelling, during your stay at the hotel/apartment or while on an organised trip, we can generally make a claim against the tour operator under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

Our personal injury lawyers have experience of recovering compensation for clients who have been injured in various countries while on a package holiday. Injuries were caused by a range of things, including faulty pool ladders, polished pool tiles and even the negligent actions of excursion guides.

See here for more examples of how we have helped clients who have had accidents abroad: Holiday Injury Claims





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