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Are hospitals covering up their mistakes?

Two more nurses were arrested at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend after allegations of a cover-up and the falsification of patients’ notes. But just how common an occurrence is this?
The government recently undertook a review about incident reporting in hospitals and it found that nearly one fifth of hospitals had lower-than-expected reports of incidents, which may suggest under-reporting in one in five hospitals across England and Wales.
Incident reporting in hospitals is important for a number of reasons. It raises awareness and helps other staff in the hospital to prevent similar incidents. The incident report can also be circulated to other hospitals to prevent the same happening elsewhere.
While, for the most part, the NHS functions effectively, it needs to demonstrate to the public that it is open and honest when things go wrong. Incident reporting is part of that transparency, and reassures patients about their safety.
If hospitals are hiding their mistakes, either by not reporting breaches in safety or, as has been suggested in other hospitals, because patient records are being falsified, it could mean that patients who have suffered serious harm while in hospital are never fairly compensated for their treatment.
If you or a member of your family has suffered from medical negligence while being treated in hospital, you could be entitled to claim compensation. You should seek confidential advice from a medical negligence lawyer, who can give you the guidance you need. Contact us on 01302 320621.

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