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Asbestos exposure lands company in court

Investigations by Health and Safety Executive inspectors found that the company had illegally stripped more than 50 metres of potentially deadly asbestos board and had put the lives of workers at risk by doing so.
James Site Services Limited, based in Portsmouth specialise is site preparation and had been hired to carry out a ‘soft strip’ on a small site in Fareham before construction work began.
The HSE found that the company had followed the correct procedure in commissioning a survey which identified the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). However, they had then gone on to ‘ignore’ the findings and carried out the work themselves.
Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector, Dominic Goacher, said: “This was a serious failing on the part of the company. Having received the survey they asked for, it looks as though no one at James Site Services bothered to read it. Or if they did, they disregarded its contents and failed to act to protect workers from possible exposure to one of the deadly killers in industry.”
Diane Parker, partner and head of personal injury at Atherton Godfrey, specialises in industrial disease compensation claims and said: “This kind of behaviour is reckless. Exposure to asbestos can cause chronic, debilitating and fatal illnesses which may take as long as 50 years to develop.
“We have handled many claims on behalf of workers who have suffered through exposure to asbestos and see first-hand how tragic the outcome can be.
“Removal of asbestos must only be carried out under licence. This is to ensure that the work is carried out by competent and properly protected workers and that ACM’s are handled correctly.”

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