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Asda in backlash over gender discrimination

Asda faces legal action from female employees who claim they get paid less than their male counterparts. According to their claim, although the roles between them and the male workers of Asda employed in the distribution centres do not differ much in value, men enjoy higher salaries than women.
They argue that there is gender discrimination between employees working at the warehouses (a male majority), compared to the check-out and shelf-stack positions that are mostly made up of female employees. The warehouse tasks are seen as a mans jobs, since they involve moving around and lifting heavy items. Their responsibilities include taking the items off the shelves, putting them   on pallets and then loading them into lorries.However, the jobs the men do in the warehouses are mirrored in the responsibilities of the women that work in the supermarkets, who have to unload the pallets from the lorries, unstack them and then put the merchandise on the shelves. Although the jobs are not strictly identical, they share an equal value.  It appears that men are paid more than women. If an employment tribunal rules that the supermarket has violated the Equality Act, it will be called to pay the staff a six-year wage difference.
A spokesman for Asda insists that there is no gender pay gap or any other discriminatory practices on behalf of the supermarket, and that they treat all employees equally.
Sarah Naylor, employment law solicitor, said: “This could potentially be a big decision in employment law and could lead to even more legal claims if the employees succeed. “If you are concerned that you receive less pay than a member of the opposite sex doing the same or like for like work I would encourage you to seek legal advice.”If you believe that you or someone you know is experiencing gender discrimination in the workplace, contact us. We are employment lawyers and can give you the guidance you need regarding your claim. Give us a call on 01302 320621 or email us at

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