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Audience member injured in stage collapse

A man has received a payout of £5,500 after being injured when part of a set collapsed during a performance at the Roundhouse theatre in Camden, London.
The incident occurred in January 2014, during a production of Fuerzabruta (“Brute Force”), a hugely popular immersive circus show that relies on interaction between audience and actors and boasts a “360 degree experience”. Paramedics attended the scene, and the performance was stopped for around 30 minutes.
Nicholas Mackay-Grant was hit by a spinning sail, which came loose and fell into the audience. He sustained injuries to his back and shoulder, and suffered pain for around a year afterwards. A number of subsequent performances were cancelled, and once they resumed the part with the spinning sail was temporarily left out.
The production company, Concert Productions International, admitted liability for the set collapse after an investigation showed that maintenance checks before the show had not been adequately conducted and had not uncovered the loose connection that caused the accident.
“The accident was terrifying and a complete shock to me and everyone else in the audience that night,” commented Mackay-Grant. “As soon as the set landed on us I felt excruciating pain in my shoulder. I was left in severe pain for a number of weeks and went through a year of treatment and rehabilitation. The past 18 months have been extremely frustrating for me and I’m relieved that I can now start to put the incident behind me and move on with my life.”
The Fuerzabruta accident happened only a month after 80 people were injured when part of the ceiling collapsed at Shaftesbury Avenue theatre in London’s West End during a performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. On that occasion, seven people were seriously hurt, with several being taken to hospital.

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