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Avoid workplace disputes this Christmas

The good news is that by taking reasonable steps to ensure your employees’ safety and wellbeing, you can avoid a costly court case and still have a great Christmas party – a double bonus!

And to help you, here are a few tips:

The Christmas party is not held in the office, so is the company still liable if something goes wrong?

In employment law, employers are held responsible for employees’ actions that are ‘carried out in the course of their employment’. This also covers events that are run by the company. So, if an employee carried out an act of harassment or bullying at a work event, which is most common when alcohol has been overly consumed and inhibitions are lowered, the employer is liable for the act.

Before the event, it is advisable for the company to update their employees on their expected professional conduct at the event. This should lower the risks of improper conduct or complaints.

What else can I do to ensure the wellbeing of my employees?

The most important thing is to ensure that the employers’ liability and the directors’ and officers’ insurance policies are up to date. That way, both employees and company directors are protected in the event anything goes wrong.

Are workers really banned from putting up Christmas decorations in the office?

The short answer is ‘no’. All the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires is that the decorations are put up using suitable step ladders – there’s more details on the HSE website.

Office parties are a proven way of boosting staff morale, and by following these practical tips, you should be able to minimise any risk of complaints or disputes and ensure that your employees have an enjoyable time at your Christmas event.

Need advice on Employment Law in the Christmas party season?

Then, give us a call on 01302 320621. We are employment law solicitors and can give you the guidance you need to ensure a stress-free Christmas party for your employees.

Merry Christmas!



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