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Ban for man who drove with both hands off the wheel

The man from North Yorkshire was banned from driving for 12 months after police spotted him driving on the A171 near Whitby with both hands behind his head. If you find it hard to believe anyone could be so reckless have a look at the police video footage of the incident.
The video clearly shows the man driving for some distance, with both hands behind his head, for a period of about 30 seconds.
When faced with the charge of dangerous driving, the driver argued in court that he was in complete control of his vehicle and did not pose a threat to others. However, he was found guilty of the charge and given a 12-month driving ban, 100 hours of community service, plus a fine of £685, including a victim surcharge.
Although the driver believed that his actions did not put anyone at risk, as anyone who has had to cope with the consequences of a road accident knows, all it takes is a few seconds for an accident to happen.
North Yorkshire Police said the case demonstrated the ‘stupidity’ of some drivers on the road who put themselves and other road users in danger, and also the value of their safety cameras, which managed to capture this act of dangerous driving and secure a conviction.
The case highlights how important it is to be aware of other road users, and how you can be affected by their motoring decisions, through no fault of your own.
If you have had an accident and been injured through someone’s negligence, you should contact a specialist road traffic accident solicitor for advice.

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