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Brain tumour missed by medics as cyclist collapses

Author: Laura Farrell

A keen cyclist almost died at a camp site in Cornwall when paramedics mistakenly believed him to be drunk.

He was in fact suffering from the effects of a benign brain tumour which had developed in his adrenal gland and caused him to suffer a massive rush of adrenaline.

The cyclist (Mr Kelsey) was visiting his daughter in Cornwall when he began to experience vomiting.  When the symptoms didn’t subside his daughter called an ambulance.  The paramedics attended but wrongly assumed that Mr Kelsey was drunk or was suffering from food poisoning.  Luckily as they were about to leave a first aider decide to take Mr Kelsey’s blood pressure and noted this to be extremely high.

Mr Kelsey was taken to hospital by ambulance and within a few hours doctors were able diagnose a rare condition called pheochromocytoma.   He had to spend a week in intensive care receiving a mixture of beta blockers and painkillers and was then transferred to another hospital where the tumour was successfully removed.

Thankfully Mr Kelsey now has normal levels of adrenaline and no longer requires medication however in the time that the condition went undiagnosed he suffered with increased adrenaline meaning that he often he only slept for 2 – 3 hours a night.  The condition also made it difficult for him to make decisions and affected his relationships with friends and family.  Whilst his relationships and quality of life have much improved since the diagnosis a series of mini-strokes he suffered whilst the condition was undiagnosed have left him with memory problems and his vision has deteriorated.

Since his diagnosis and treatment Mr Kelsey has returned to his love of cycling and has pledged to cycle 10,000 miles in the hope of raising £5,000 for Oxford University Hospital, NET patient foundation and Prospect Hospice.

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