Business Financing & Acting for Lenders

We can act for lenders in a range of commercial property transactions.

Provided that we are careful to avoid any potential conflict of interests, we may also be able to act for the lender and the borrower at the same time, a situation which is common in residential property purchases.

Lenders may be involved in financing the purchase of commercial or residential investment property or in re-financing properties within an investment portfolio. In either situation, a lender requires reassurance (a) about the robustness of security for the lending and (b) about compliance with the lending criteria. The lender needs confidence that all the security documentation is satisfactory covering banking facilities, debentures, mortgages and guarantees.

We are approved under the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) and are members of the vast majority of approved solicitor’s panels for lenders. We are also Lexcel approved, the industry standard for quality in practice management.

Many providers of finance for commercial properties have their own dedicated panels of solicitors or use in-house employed legal staff. However, some lenders are willing to use law firms which are acceptable to themselves and the borrower. This helps to keep costs down, speed up the transaction without sacrificing any quality or confidence that the legal process has been properly conducted.

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How we can help

If your business needs finance or re-financing please talk to us at an early stage. We can help to ensure that your financing is speedy and satisfactory.

We are happy to discuss arrangements with you. Depending upon the circumstances and your choice of lender it is possible that we can act both for you and your lender. Sometimes the lender may just want the law firm to act for them. Alternatively you may prefer that we just act for you, undertaking your transaction with care, diligence and appropriate speed.

If you would like help with either commercial or residential finance related issues please contact our team.

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