Contract Disputes

Breach of contract cases are just one example of how such disputes and issues can crop up.

Such disputes could commonly relate to:

Sale of goods agreements
Supply of services agreements
Franchise agreements
Consultancy agreements
Sale and purchase of business agreements

Sometimes contracts are not written but are verbal or implied.

The law treats business to business contracts in a different way from business to consumer contracts. For contracts with consumers there tends to be more statute law and regulation. For contracts with businesses case law decided by judges has more significance.

Much of the law relating to contract disputes has been decided in particular cases judged at court which then becomes precedents of other cases. Case law needs careful interpretation and an in-depth knowledge of the relevant cases which apply in the particular circumstances of a dispute. A core strength of Atherton Godfrey is our expertise in litigation. We can offer our considerable experience in such matters to be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Contract disputes can arise for a wide variety of reasons when the contract is not fair or when one or other party does not adhere to specific terms of the contract. Disputes around these terms might include:

  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Incorrect description or misrepresentation
  • Failing to honour warranties and indemnities
  • Non compliance with restrictive covenants
  • Retention of title claims
  • Failure to pay or pay in full
  • Exclusion clauses to limit liability
  • Non-performance or under-performance

As a high street firm, we understand the needs of small to medium sized business and will provide you with individual attention and personal client care from experienced solicitors. We offer skill and a thorough understanding of your needs to find the right solution to your commercial contract dispute, whether that is negotiation or involves litigation.

Many contractual disputes can be resolved out of court. We will provide support and guidance throughout a pre-litigation process to help resolve the dispute at an early stage if possible. We understand that contract disputes can be very costly, for smaller businesses, not least in your time. We will always explore all options with you. However, in cases where court proceedings are necessary we will be committed to protecting your best interests and to ensuring you receive the outcome you deserve.

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How we can help

If you are in dispute or in a potential conflict situation, we would advise that you take legal advice sooner rather than later. Prompt action will generally mean there are more options available to you, and potential damage is limited.

We can discuss with you different funding options for resolving your dispute and our expert team can help you in a range of situations.

If you would like to know more, or just want a confidential chat about your options, contact our team today.

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