Employee Contracts & Handbooks

After starting employment, all employees are entitled to a written statement of particulars – or a contract of employment – the most important aspects of their terms and conditions.

The statement must be provided within two months of the employee’s start date.

The statement of particulars must contain prescribed information such as name and address of both employee and employer, date employment commenced, rate of pay, job title or description and much more.

Employee Handbooks

All employers should not only have contracts of employment in place but also an Employee Handbook. An Employee Handbook is a separate document to the contract of employment, and contains the employer’s policies and procedures effective in the workplace. Terms dealing with matters such as disciplinary and grievance rules, holiday pay, sickness absence and pay, pensions and pension schemes and collective agreements can be dealt with in this document. This handbook should be mentioned in the main contract and it must be reasonably accessible to the employee.

There can be significant difficulties caused for an employer by not having these documents in place, including financial penalties should a legal claim be brought by an employee. Every business employing staff should therefore have contracts and a handbook in place.

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