Employment Tribunals

It can sometimes be the case, that despite your best efforts, an employee pursues a legal claim against your business in the Employment Tribunal. Should that situation arise, we are here to help and advise you.

It may be that you genuinely have not breached the employee’s rights and as such wish to defend the claim, or alternatively you may have breached your employee’s rights in some way in which case we can discuss your options for dealing with the matter.

Employment Tribunal claims can be costly to deal with so getting the right advice at the earliest possible stage is crucial.

Before an employee can pursue an Employment Tribunal claim, they must first contact ACAS and go through the ACAS Pre-Claim Conciliation Procedure. This process involves having an ACAS mediator appointed to each specific complaint, and who will then make contact with you as the employer to discuss the complaint. The ACAS advisor will then attempt to mediate between the parties to see if the matter can be resolved at that stage. You may of course seek our legal advice at this early stage, in fact this may be beneficial to you.

If the Pre-Claim Conciliation does not resolve the matter for the employee, they can then choose to progress their complaint by making an Employment Tribunal claim. Once the Employment Tribunal become involved there will be strict time frames within which you will be required to respond to the claim, and further steps you will be required to take. We can help by representing you and dealing with all of the paperwork on your behalf.

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