Plot Sales

We understand how critical for developers’ cash flow the timely completion of property unit sales is. We also understand the need to keep non-construction costs low following an era in which property prices feel substantially and developer margins suffered.

It is vital that there is a close working relationship between progress staff at the developer and the solicitors’ legal team responsible for plot sales. At an early stage we can iron out any issues in title or planning which could impact a number of plots at a site and could potentially delay completion of the plot sale. As completion approaches together we can quickly resolve any stumbling which might delay the transaction and cause disappointment to the developer and the purchaser.

Our plot sales team has acted for developers, both large and small, over a number of years. Typically we undertake 500 to 1000 plot sales per year.

How we can help

You may well have existing relationships with legal advisers undertaking plot sales. If you feel that you need an alternative or perhaps just require a second legal adviser we would be delighted to discuss your needs.

We are quite happy to undertake work on a trial basis, provided that we can establish a way of working closely together which is going to provide the service that you need.

We can assist you most effectively if we are involved in the early stages of the site acquisition and the planning of the development.

If you would like to discuss our conveyancing services for your plot sales please contact our team.

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