Protecting Business Interests

Every business has the right to protect its business interests such as intellectual property, customer and client information, and accounting information for example.

Often, employees have access to or are involved in creating such information and your business can particularly be at risk if that employee leaves your employment to work elsewhere.

Your employee should be given a contract of employment and within that contract, if appropriate, it is possible to include clauses to protect your business interests. A contract can be drafted with the following in order to give maximum protection:

– Intellectual property clauses
– Duty of fidelity clauses
– Fiduciary duty clauses
– Confidentiality clauses
– Restrictions on other business activity clauses
– Post termination restriction clauses

It is important to ensure that you protect you business information from the outset and our specialist employment solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to give you all of the advice and guidance you need. We will help you determine what kind of protection your business may need, we can draft the contracts of employment for you, and we can also provide draft letters to your employees to accompany the contract.

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How we can help

Our specialist employment law solicitors are on hand to assist and advise you should any of these clauses be breached by an employee, to help you continue to protect your business interests.

If you would like more information or just want a confidential, no obligation chat about your options, contact our highly experienced team today.

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