Restructures & Redundancy

We know that it’s important for your business to continually review its structure and to ensure that it remains efficient and profitable. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in a need to restructure your business, which then creates a need for staff redundancies to be made.

All businesses have the right to structure their business as they see fit and as is required to ensure that the business operates effectively. Therefore if a restructure is required, you are able to change your staffing structure as you see fit as long as you can show genuine business interests and reasons for any such change. Should the changes result in redundancies, all employers, regardless of size or nature of business, have legal guidelines that they have to follow when making their staff redundant.

We would recommend that every business has a clear written redundancy procedure as part of your employee handbook to set out exactly what process will be followed. This ensures that staff and management, who may be involved in carrying out redundancies, are aware of what will happen.

There are many considerations for an employer to make when carrying out redundancies such as

  • How to identify employees who may be at risk
  • How to apply a redundancy procedure
  • How to use selection criteria to identify employees to be made redundant
  • Ensuring that the process is fair and not discriminatory
  • What consultation periods or procedures are required
  • Redundancy pay
  • Offering suitable alternative employment to at risk employees

We are here to help you with any business restructure and can provide advice from the initial stages right through to helping with any redundancy procedures that may follow.

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How we can help

Our highly experienced team of employment law specialists can offer you all the support and guidance you need, whether that is with drafting a redundancy policy, advising on the legal issues involved in your restructure, assisting with redundancies, or drafting letters and documents for any redundancy procedure, to ensure that your business interests are protected.

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