Site Acquisition

We are specialists in real estate and have worked with developers on the acquisition of sites for small and for substantial property developments, being involved from the earliest planning stages.

We will deal with the registration of your ownership at the Land Registry. On your behalf, we will obtain Land Registry approval to your estate layout plan.

We also provide specialist expertise to address issues and defects in title where sites have already been acquired or where there are problems when multiple parcels of land are being assembled into one development.

We understand the fundamental importance for a developer of timely acquisition of the right sites for the right price under the right conditions and restrictions. We are happy to work with you and your other advisers to achieve the successful and profitable completion of a development.

How we can help

We are quite happy to undertake legal work for your site acquisition on a trial basis, provided that we can establish a way of working closely together which is going to provide the service that you need.

You may be considering a build-for-rent project or decide later on completion of building works that property rental may be the right strategy to follow to give you the best longer term return. If so we can offer you a complete service for landlords covering leasing and tenancy agreements.

If you would like help with buying or selling of land and buildings please contact our team.

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