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Businesses dealt a double blow in holiday pay row

The decision will affect a vast majority of industries and could lead to claims by millions of workers who regularly work beyond their contracted hours.
The tribunal also ruled that workers would be able to claim backdated pay, but the claim period will be limited.
This development comes hot on the heels of the recent European Court ruling that commission based pay must also be included in holiday pay calculations. Workers affected by that particular ruling may be able to claim back pay for up to 16 years.
There are serious concerns that these developments could see payroll costs spiral to levels that the business simply cannot afford; in some cases costs could run into billions of pounds.
However, the sentiment is not shared by union bosses. Unites’ Howard Beckett, said: “Employers have got to get their house in order.”
The government has voiced concerns about the potential cost to businesses and is reported to be ‘studying the ruling’.
Sarah Naylor, Employment Law specialist at Atherton Godfrey, said: “Our advice to any worker who thinks they may have a claim for additional holiday pay is to seek legal advice as soon as possible, as the claim period could be limited.”
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