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Caribbean holiday hell leaves tour operator with hefty bill

Bride to be Keeley and Fiancé Terry Ford had decided to get married in the Caribbean and took their family to stay at the all-inclusive four-star Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel in Bavaro in the Dominican Republic.
What started as a dream wedding soon turned into a total disaster when Keeley, Terry and five other members of the wedding party were struck down with sickness and diarrhoea, leaving them bed-bound for several days.
Keeley said:  “I was concerned about some of the food which was being served in the restaurant. I remember eating a burger and the middle was pink and did not seem to be cooked properly, so I sent it back to the kitchen.
“Over the following two days we all started to feel ill with each of us unable to leave our rooms for long because of sickness and diarrhoea.”
Diane Parker, partner and head of Atherton Godfrey’s Personal Injury department, said: “It would appear that there wasn’t much emphasis put on hygiene at this particular hotel. Mrs Ford claimed that the same utensils were used for serving both cooked and uncooked meats and was concerned that food was served almost raw.
“At one point the hotel was struck by a hurricane and even though flash floods left the place in a mess, staff were in no apparent hurry to clear up.
“Poor hygiene and food not being cooked properly or stored at the wrong temperature presents ideal conditions for the bacteria that cause food poisoning to develop. Symptoms vary from person to person but in some cases can be severely debilitating.”
If you have contracted food poisoning anywhere in the UK or while on a foreign holiday, or if you have been injured while on holiday anywhere in the world, you may be entitled to compensation. Lawyers in our Personal Injury team have a vast amount of experience in handling these kind of cases and will be happy to advise if you have a claim – call 01302 320621.

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