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Charity cyclist killed by pothole

Mr Martyn Uzzell (51), an experienced cyclist, was taking part in a charity cycle event with some friends when he was thrown from his cycle by a pothole in the road and into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
The Coroner, Rob Turnbull, said that there was “no doubt whatsoever” that the condition of the road caused Mr Uzzell’s death.
The accident happened on the A65 at Giggleswick when Mr Uzzells’ front wheel hit a 10cm deep pothole. He was thrown into the path of a VW Golf which was unable to avoid hitting him and Mr Uzzell died instantly from devastating head injuries.
The pothole had been reported to the council by police who said that it had ‘”existed for some time”.
North Yorkshire County Council had inspected the road several times in the months immediately before the accident but had decided it did not need immediate repair. It is not clear how deep the pothole was at the time of the last inspection which was carried out only weeks before the incident.
Police said that Mr Uzzell could not have done any more to guard his own safety. He was wearing appropriate clothing, travelling at a reasonable speed and at a safe distance from the other cyclists in his party.
Mr Uzzell’s widow, said: “It is simply disgraceful that a pothole on such a busy road was allowed to go unrepaired; this should not have happened.”
Diane Parker, head of personal injury at Atherton Godfrey, said: “Our sincere sympathies are with the family of Mr Uzzell.
“Local authorities have a legal obligation to keep roads in a good state of repair, but it seems that even reports by the police had gone unheeded in this case.
“Potholes cause millions of pounds worth of damage to cars each year. But the risk to cyclists and motorbike riders is far more serious, it’s not just damage to the machine, as this case shows there is very real risk that the rider may sustain a fatal injury.”

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