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Child loses finger end at football match

Local boy, Jacob Cairns who was 7 at the time of the incident in 2008, had gone to the game at the Keepmoat Stadium with his dad and older brothers.
As the game entered its final few minutes, Jacob tried to push himself up in his seat to get a better view. But, as he did, his left hand slipped down the side of the seat and he severed his finger end.
Mr Cairns, said: “The seats at the stadium were spring loaded and automatically went back to an upright position if there wasn’t any weight on them. There was a metal bar underneath the seats and Jacob trapped his finger between that and the seat.”
Less than a year after Jacob’s accident, a five-year-old boy suffered an identical accident, again losing the end of his little finger.
Diane Parker, head of personal injury, said: “It’s been a lengthy battle with both cases, but the owners of premises have a legal duty to make sure that visitors are safe. The owners of the stadium had been negligent in their duty of care by failing to assess the risk to young children and particularly, in failing to act after the first incident. As a result of this blatant disregard for safety, two little boys, who were simply enjoying a family day out, were injured.”
The court ordered Lakeside Sports Complex, trading as Keepmoat Stadium, to pay compensation to both children and court costs.
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