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Child wins record damages for clinical negligence

In a landmark case, Milly was awarded a £10.8 million settlement following the injuries she suffered during her birth at Lincoln County Hospital. Milly suffers from cerebral palsy caused by foetal distress.
Her birth injuries mean that she is unable to walk or talk, and is confined to a wheelchair. She can communicate only by using sophisticated technology controlled by her eye-gaze. Despite her physical limitations, her intelligence remains resolute and her family speak about how loving and funny their daughter is, even though she is trapped in a body that does not work.
Milly’s settlement is made up of a number of different elements, with a lump sum payment of £5.8 million, and then payments to support her care and needs for the remainder of her life of just over £200,000 a year.This settlement will enable Milly to have a home adapted specially to her needs, with a hydrotherapy pool, hoists and doors and corridors wide enough for her to access all rooms in her house.
The medical negligence settlement has taken some time to complete, because although United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust admitted responsibility for Milly’s injuries back in 2010, they disputed the amount of money she should receive.
However, her parents, Andy and Kate, have argued that no amount of money would ever make up for the mistakes made, causing Milly to have to depend on others for her entire life.
If your child suffered from a birth injury or a family member has suffered from medical negligence, you don’t need to suffer in silence. Contact a specialist medical negligence solicitor for advice on making a claim for compensation.

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