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Clinical negligence claims falling

There has been a drop in the number of clinical negligence claims against the NHS, according to a recent report.

The NHS Litigation Authority, who manage negligence and other claims against the NHS in England, have released their annual report which shows a clear fall in the number of negligence claims they have received.

Last year 11,497 claims were reported, whereas this has fallen to 10,965 this year; amounting to a drop of around 5%.

These figures could be an indicator that the care provided by the NHS is improving, leading to fewer claims. Alternatively, it could be the case that people with genuine isues about their treatment are not seeking legal advice about pursuing a claim.

It is important to always seek legal advice if you have any concerns about the treatment that you have recieved. This will allow the circumstances to be investigated and establish whether you could claim compensation for substandard care.

Claims can be pursued regarding any substandard clinical treatment, not just that provided by the NHS. This includes private hospitals, GPs, dentists, physiotherapists and pharmacists, among others.

If you have any concerns about the standard of medical care you or a family member have received, and you would like advice about the possibility of making a claim, then please contact us.

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