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How long will my personal injury claim take?

Generally speaking there is no specific time-scale for the duration of your compensation claim.

Here are some of the factors that can reduce or increase the shelf-life of your claim:

Has the defendant accept full responsibility for the accident and the full extent of your injury?

If the answer to this question is yes then the duration of your claim is more likely to reduce significantly.

Have you sustained multiple injuries?

If so, you may need more than one medical report from multiple experts who will comment on the nature and full extent of your injuries. These reports are likely to prolong your claim but they are necessary to ensure that the value of your claim is correctly assessed.

Is your solicitor or file handler progressing your claim in a timely manner, is he/she, using the vast array of legal tools against your opponent to pressure them to settle your claim?

Are you picking up your telephone calls and responding to your solicitor’s letters so that your instruction can be acted upon swiftly?

Here at Atherton Godfrey Solicitors we have a dedicated team who can and will have a huge impact on the effective and speedy recovery of your compensation. If you have been injured and would like to make a compensation claim, contact us for a no obligation chat about your options – call 01302 320621.



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