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Air ambulance called after dog attacks in local village

The danger that dogs can pose has been highlighted once again after a number of people have been injured in dog attacks at Doncaster village.

On Tuesday 30 March, emergency services were called to a property in Conisbrough, after reports of a dog attack.

Local people were alerted to the incident when an air ambulance was seen landing at the side of the Groves Social Club, on Maple Grove.

Police confirmed that there had been reports of two people being bitten by a dog at a nearby property. A spokesman said: “Ambulance staff attended and a 30-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl were taken to hospital for medical treatment.

“The dog was secured and enquiries are continuing.” The breed of the dog has not been confirmed.

This is the second dog attack in Conisbrough in  the space of just a few months.

In September last year, a couple walking their dogs on playing fields on Old Road were attacked by a dog that they described as a `large brindle staffy’.

Pete and Jane Bartlett both needed hospital treatment for their injuries.

Mr Bartlett said both of their dogs were on a lead. As they were walking along the field, a man warned Mr Bartlett to pick his dog up as a `staffy’ hurtled towards them. Mr Bartlett was bent over trying to pick his dog up when the other dog latched on to his arm and pulled him to the ground.

Mr Bartlett commented: “It went for my face so I put my hand up. The lead was all tangled round my arm and this dog was throwing my dog around like a rag doll. I’m a big guy but the dog threw me around like a rag doll too.”

Mr Barlett’s injuries were so bad that he spent over 2 hours in surgery. He said: “They flushed my arm out and stitched me up as best they could, but because a huge chunk of my arm is missing they’ve tried to do their best to close it.”

Sadly, their 14-year-old pet Cocker Spaniel, Desmond was so badly injured in the attack that vets were unable to save him.

Katrina Elsey, personal injury specialist at Atherton Godfrey, commented: “These dog attacks bring sharply into focus the danger that pets can be to other people.

“Responsible dog ownership is important. I would urge all dog owners to take extra caution when others are visiting their homes, particularly in the slight easing of lockdown restrictions, and while out exercising their dog.”

[Photo courtesy of Paul Willows]

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