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Criminal injuries compensation after unprovoked attack

In this case we look at how the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) can help victims of a violent crime who are unable to claim through any other route.

Case details

The client was a young man who was seriously injured in an unprovoked attack. He was found unconscious in someone’s garden and had no recollection of how he got there.

His wallet, watch and mobile phone were missing and presumed stolen.

The shocked property owner called the emergency services and the injured man was taken to A&E where he was diagnosed with spinal cord injuries, fractured ribs and facial injuries.

He underwent surgery on his spine and spent the next 6 months in hospital. Unfortunately, that was just the start of a long road to recovery. He continued to suffer complications and had to undergo multiple procedures to try and manage the persistent problems caused by the damage to his spine.

He found it very difficult to cope with the way his life had become. Instead of the busy independent lifestyle he had, he was shutting himself away, worrying about how bad things were going to get. His relationship broke down and he spiralled into depression.

The police managed to identify and trace some of the men involved in the attack. Despite them admitting their involvement, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided there wasn’t enough evidence to bring criminal charges.

Compensation options

He wasn’t able to go back to work and he was having to pay medical expenses. He contacted a law firm that was connected to the hospital to see if there were any options open to him that would help recover some of his losses. Because the police had been involved and no one could be held accountable for his injuries, he was able to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme.

The law firm helped him to submit an application and he was offered an interim payment of £15,000 but then needed to look at special expenses and future losses etc. The law firm was unable to take the claim any further and referred the case to Atherton Godfrey, as specialists in this type of claim.

One of the Atherton Godfrey personal injury team visited the client at home to discuss the case further and get all the information that would be needed to assess the claim properly.

The assessment looked at his employment history and took account of his potential future earnings, including promotions etc.

The personal injury specialists handled all the dealings with CICA and the client eventually received an award of more than £190,000.

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