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Detox or divorce?

On 23 January 2014 Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were asked on ITV’s This Morning what they thought was the most popular Google search from the following: How to Detox How to Divorce The results were staggering, with almost 75% of the majority of earches between those two being “how to divorce” Although the internet is a wonderful thing, please don’t rely on the advice you may find on Google searches from non-legal websites. Many are misleading and get the basic facts for divorce procedure wrong. If you need help with divorce proceedings Atherton Godfrey can provide advice, assist you with the completion of forms and represent you in the court proceedings.Atherton Godfrey’s qualified lawyers are all members of Resolution and abide by a strict code of conduct to deal with matters in a non-confrontational manner.
With some of our specialist legal advisers being accredited family law specialists and qualified collaborative lawyers we can also provide advice and representation in complex financial matters in divorce or separation. For more information or to book an appointment please contact us on 01302 320621.

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