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Divorce, separate or mediate?

There are suggestions that this could be due to an increase in family solidarity during difficult times or the need to postpone marital break-ups until the economy and the value of their home improves. 
Anyone who does decide to head to the courts will find that, following a major shakeup of the family court procedures last year, all divorcing and separating couples must now be referred to a mediator to establish whether mediation is suitable to settle disputes before being allowed to proceed to court.

A further factor that couples will need to consider is that from 1 April 2013, Legal Aid will not be available for the majority of family work, including divorce, civil partnership, financial matters arising out of relationship breakdown or disputes regarding children, other than in cases where there is domestic violence or there are care proceedings relating to children.

However, mediation will continue to be funded and Atherton Godfrey has been awarded a Legal Aid contract for Family Mediation.

Partner and head of our Family Law Department Don Bird, said:" Mediation provides an alternative to lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

"The aim is to help couples look ahead, address issues that affect them personally, and reach mutual agreements around children or assets they may have."

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