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Divorcing mothers urged to secure pensions

In February of this year, then pensions minister Steve Webb warned that divorce lawyers often saw pensions as an after-thought and should be “encouraged to always make sure this is properly part of the negotiations and is on the table”. The alternative for some mothers is to lose out both on their own pension, due to time taken away from work for raising a family, and on a part of their husband’s pension, to which they are entitled. Mr Webb commented, “If you are part of a couple and you do not take out a pension for family reasons – whether that is caring for children or family in later life – and then you split up on the eve of retirement, there is a danger there.” Around 4 in every 10 marriages currently end in divorce, and the number of couples divorcing later in life is rising.Many people already delay thinking about a pension until their thirties or forties, meaning that there is not enough time to build up a reasonable fund for an annuity. The same delay can be a particular problem during a divorce, due to the immediate pressure to sort out important considerations such as housing and maintenance payments; pension provision is not seen as so important at the time. However, final salary pensions in particular can be very valuable, but that future value is easy to overlook in all the other arrangements to be made.Atherton Godfrey will always take account of pensions in the event of a divorce, ensuring the best possible settlement for you.
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