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DIY divorce, the low cost lawyer assisted solution

There’s little doubt that the recession left its mark on relationships. The cost of living and rising unemployment stretch family finances to breaking point.
Today there’s also a growing trend in ‘silver divorces’ – couples in their 60’s are choosing to end their marriages, thinking they can finally afford to break free.
The problem many couples face now though comes as a result of the government slashing legal aid funding so that it is now only available in limited circumstances for divorce matters.  This move has forced couples to stay married even though they are in new relationships or to deal with matters in person or online, sometimes with disastrous consequences.
In response to this, Atherton Godfrey has introduced a DIY divorce package with a difference.
Sharon McKie, a specialist divorce solicitor, said: “There are still as many couples wanting to divorce, but they simply don’t have the money to do it.”
“There are a lot of DIY websites out there offering a ‘quickie divorce’ or ‘cheap divorce’ but some of these companies are unregulated so there is no security or recourse if something does go wrong.”
“We understand the financial restrictions people face, but ending a marriage needs to be done properly to prevent problems in the future.”
Our Family Law team has put together a low cost DIY solution that gives people full control of the divorce process. It’s the ideal choice for those who have a limited budget, but want the added reassurance of knowing they have the support of a fully qualified family lawyer at each stage of the process.
The DIY divorce pack includes everything needed to make the divorce process straightforward, including all the necessary forms, letters and templates, and a step by step guide to completing the forms so that they meet the courts stringent rules. The guide even makes sure you know where to send the divorce papers. There is also a telephone consultation with a qualified family lawyer to discuss any associated financial or children matters arising out of the divorce.
The DIY route will not be  suitable for everyone but our family lawyers will look at individual circumstances and tailor their divorce advice to give the best option. If there are children, significant assets or complicated financial affairs involved our range of fixed fees or payment plans could provide the perfect solution.
Whichever option taken, it is important to remember that court fees still have to be paid. The good news is that there are discounts available for those on low incomes and in some cases there will be no court costs at all to pay.
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