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Doctor struck off after 6 year old dies from sepsis

Jack Adcock, six, was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2011 with sickness and vomiting and died within hours of admission as a result of a cardiac arrest caused by sepsis.

Originally the attending doctor was suspended from medical practice for 12 months following a conviction of gross negligence manslaughter.

At the criminal trial the court heard evidence that the doctor committed a catalogue of errors including missing signs of the infection and acting under the belief that there was a ‘do-not-resuscitate’ order in place.

In 2017 a decision was made that the doctor should not be removed completely from medical practice but the General Medical Council appealed the decision arguing it was not sufficient to protect the public.

The appeal was heard by the High Court who ordered that the doctor be struck off from medical practice.

Whilst the GMC chief executive has been quoted as saying that the ruling “confirmed that the tribunal was simply wrong to conclude that public confidence in the profession could be maintained without removing the doctor from the medical register” another school of thought is that the ruling could cause doctors to be less willing to discuss their mistakes freely.

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Author: Laura Farrell


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