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Does bad weather mean more road traffic accidents?

The UK has been suffered some of its worst weather since records began. But, what effect has this weather actually had on the number of road accidents in the UK?
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) suggested in their Winter Driving Guide that the number of road accidents actually decreases in periods of bad snow and ice, as many drivers stay out of their cars and off the roads.
Government statistics support this. After suffering the wettest summer for over 100 years, the statistics for the last quarter of 2013, showed a great reduction in accidents involving vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists and cyclists.
The statisticians behind the report concluded that as a result of the very poor weather, most of these vulnerable road users were leaving their bikes behind and taking alternative forms of transport, therefore reducing the number of accidents. In comparison with the same period of July to September 2013, there was an increase in accidents of 8% for cyclists and 1% for motorcyclists.
Alongside these accident statistics, mean rainfall averages showed 21% more rain than average in the period July to September 2012 and 28% less rainfall than average in the period of July to September 2013. This does clearly show an increase in road traffic accidents during the drier period.
What does the statistics mean for Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs)?
In sum, although, in periods of bad weather, there tends to be a reduction in RTAs involving motorcyclists and cyclists, the figures should be weighed against the drier periods during which there are more motorcyclists and cyclists on the roads, and subsequently more RTAs involving this vulnerable group.
The misconception is that RTAs are more likely to occur in periods of bad weather. However, these figures from the government and ROSPA show that this is not the case, and that in fact, the opposite – more RTAs happen in dry weather – is true. These figures and conclusion demonstrate how important it is to continue educating the public about road safety in all weathers.
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