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Domestic violence victims at risk from government cuts

In the last year alone, 20,726 domestic violence referrals have been made to specialist refuge centres throughout England, and alarming, almost one third (6,337) of those victims have been turned away due to lack of vacancies.
The refuge centres provide a valuable source of support for victims of this socially unacceptable crime. They allow victims to get on with their lives and where possible to forget the suffering they have had to endure. A refuge provides not just physical space but can also provide help and counselling over the telephone.  Funding for refuges comes from various different sources, with the local authority being the major contributor. With ever increasing cut backs the lives of domestic abuse sufferers are at an increased risk. Two women each week are killed in the UK through domestic abuse. This figure cannot be allowed to increase and access to a refuge is essential for those who no longer consider themselves safe.A recent statement by the Local Government Association representative, said: “It is important victims have access to all the help they need and despite budget cuts from central government councils we’re seeking to improve the quality of support for example, by investing in self-contained accommodation units where victims and their children can stay.”Atherton Godfrey has a specialist team that deal with situations where urgent action is needed to prevent a person continuing to be the victim of domestic abuse.  A victim should not feel they have to leave to keep themselves safe. Non-molestation and occupation orders could be sought to provide security for a victim’s personal protection for themselves and within their property.  Legal Aid is still available for victims of domestic abuse and we remain committed to offering such a service to all those that need it.  For further information, in complete confidence, please contact a member of our Family Law Team on 01302 320621 or alternatively by email at

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