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Doncaster Super Kids

As you would expect, it was an emotional awards ceremony as TV personalities gathered with representatives from local businesses, to celebrate the sheer courage, bravery, determination and talent of Doncaster’s very own Superkids, put together by the Doncaster Free Press.

Look North presenter, Clare Frisby, worked her way through the awards and told the inspirational stories that had earned the children their nominations.

Atherton Godfrey was delighted to be asked to take part in this year’s event, and two of our partners, Stephanie Veysey and Diane Parker went along to present an award to a special little boy from Wheatley.

Little Devlin Whitfield-Martin, scooped the Special Award. At just eleven months old, Devlin has gone through far more in his short life than most other children.

When Devlin was eight months old, parents Zac Martin and Emily Whitfield, were given the heart breaking news that their little boy had a large cancerous tumor on his kidney. Their happy, smiling little baby boy had to endure weeks of chemotheraphy to shrink the tumour and then undergo a major operation to remove it.

The family’s ordeal is still not over yet, as Devlin continues to have treatment to make sure the tumor does not return.

Mum Emily said: “Every time we looked at Devlin he was always smiling and so happy, he has kept us going through this.”

Diane Parker, Partner and Head of Personal Injury at Atherton Godfrey, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to take part in this event.
“The awards cover a wide range of categories so that children of all ages and abilities can be included. It’s important that their efforts are recognised and the children encouraged to continue to achieve, not only for their own personal sense of accomplishment, but also because they then become an inspiration to other children.”

Stephanie Veysey, Partner, said: “It must have been a very difficult decision for the judges, the standard was exceptionally high. Well done to all the winners; their stories were such an inspiration to us all.”

Award Winners were:
Louise Bullworthy (9)

Carer of the Year & Overall Young Citizen of the Year
Jake Drury (7)

Fundraising Award
Sineil Digpal (15) & Owen Turner (9)

Sports Award
Charlotte Cork (16)

Educational Progress Award

Nathan Lester (11) & Sam Firbank (6)

Courage Award
Lauren Randles (14)

Music & Performing Arts winner
Joshua Rodgers (5)

Triumph Over Adversity Award
Devlin Whitfield-Martin (11 months)

Special Award
Saltersgate Junior School


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