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Drunken woman escapes prison after driving on the M5 the wrong way

A woman, who drove the wrong way down the M5 motorway for four miles whilst drunk, was given a suspended sentence and avoided going to jail.
Katy Homer, a mother of three children, was convicted of dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, when she drove the wrong way down the M5 near West Bromwich in December 2013.
The court was played video footage of the incident which showed oncoming lorry’s flashing their lights at her, as she approached them on the wrong carriageway of the motorway.
A lorry driver who gave evidence said that he feared for his life when Katy Homer swerved into the hard shoulder to avoid hitting his lorry.
The police had attempted to stop her when she went the wrong way at a junction, but had been unable to. They only managed to stop her by walking into the road and flashing their torches at her.
The court was told that Ms Homer was of previous good character and that her actions were out of character. She had been suffering from a depressive illness following the breakdown of a dysfunctional relationship with a previous partner and it was this evidence that helped her to avoid a jail sentence.
The drivers actions in this case demonstrates that no matter how careful you are when using the roads, there are always people driving in such a way that they risk their own life and others’ too.
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