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Employment and coronavirus update

There is no doubt that major changes will be needed in order to help businesses survive. Given the severity of the current situation, your employer may have to take cost saving measures.

Where possible, it might be best to agree certain, perhaps temporary measures with your employer – it could help to safeguard your job.

However, these commonly raised questions may help to clarify your legal position:

Can I be made to use some of next year’s holiday entitlement to help cover some of the time I have to take off work?
Your employer cannot force you to do this – in each leave year there are a statutory minimum number of days that must be taken.

Can my travel expenses be removed?
If paid travel expenses form part of your employment contract they cannot be removed without your consent.

Can my employer reduce my normal working hours because there’s little or no work?
Hours are a contractual right, so unless there is a lay off or short time working clause in your contract, or you have a zero hour’s contract, your hours cannot be reduced without your agreement.

Can I be made to take unpaid leave?
If you need to take time off to care for dependents it can be taken as unpaid. If there is not enough work for you, unless there is a lay off clause in your contract, your employer should continue to pay you.


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