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Employment tribunal fees lead to huge drop in claims

When the government introduced fees to the employment tribunal system, employment law practitioners anticipated that it would have an impact on the number of claims being made. So, it comes as no suprise that the statistics recently published by the Ministry of Justice show just that.

For the year ending March 2016, a total of 83,031 claims were received by the employment tribunals, compared with a total of 191,451 claims in 2012-13, which was the last complete year before the fees were introduced.

The latest figures were actually an increase on those for 2014-15, but it's clear to see that the introduction of the fees has resulted in a significant drop in the number of claims.

The average compensation awards for employment claims during 2015-16 were:

Unfair dismissal £13,851
Sex discrimination £13,500
Race discrimination £13,760
Disability discrimination £11,309
Religion or belief discrimination £16,174
Sexual orientation discrimination £20,192
Age discrimination £8,417

Sarah Naylor, employment law solicitor, said: "It is certainly interesting to see that the number of claims is slowly rising, but the numbers are still way down on the figures seen in the pre-tribunal regime."

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