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Employment Tribunal Fees

From 29 July 2013 for the first time ever, it now costs money to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal.
The reason behind introducing the fees is to transfer some of the Employment Tribunal running costs, currently about £74m, away from the taxpayer and onto those using the system.
The fees, payable by the person bringing the claim, are quite substantial. To start the process, the issue fees for a type A claim, such as unlawful deduction of wages or equal pay are £160 and a type B claim such as unfair dismissal or discrimination are £250.
When the claim then proceeds to a final hearing, a further fee is payable of £230 for type A claims and £350 for type A claims. 
Sarah Naylor, Employment Solicitor said: “The fees come at a time when we are seeing an increasing number of sex discrimination cases and claims for failing to consult employees properly on redundancy.
“These fees make it even more important to ensure that sound legal advice is sought before embarking on a claim.”
There have also been fees introduced for particular types of application, judicial mediation, and for pursuing claims to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.
Although the Claimant will initially pay both fees, the Tribunal has the power to order the unsucessful party to reimburse the fees paid by the successful party.
There are exemptions and reductions available under the fee remission scheme, which is similar to the scheme currently operating in the Civil Courts.
Latest update
There is already opposition to the fees and UNISON has launched a judicial review challenge in the High Court – their application will be heard in October …… so watch this space! 
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