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Evictions advice to landlords

The advice comes among landlord concerns that the introduction of Universal Credit, which came in as part of the government’s Welfare Reform, is likely to impact on rent arrears.
Under the new benefit system rent is paid directly to the tenant who then pays the landlord. However, the concern is that many social tenants have never had to budget before and with cuts to benefits also being introduced, tenants are likely to find themsleves under increased financial pressure.
Stacey Pocock, a property solicitor with Atherton Godfrey said: “This concern isn’t restricted to housing benefit tenants, professional people can be made redundant and also fall into arrears.
“And its not just problems with tenants – sometimes the property may have to be sold or the landlord may need to move back in themselves.
“Whatever reason lies behind the reposession, it’s important to remember that eviction is not a simple process – it involves far more than just issuing notices and tenants don’t always leave willingly.
“It’s essential that landlords follow the correct procedure if they want to stay on the right side of the law, otherwise the eviction will fail at court and there will likely by significant costs incured.”
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