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How to evidence losses in personal injury claims

In addition to compensation for any personal injuries that you have suffered, other financial losses that have been incurred directly as a result of your injuries, can be included within your claim. These can be numerous and can be a substantial element of your claim, it is therefore important that you are aware of everything that you are entitled to claim for, and how to evidence losses properly.

Your lawyer will arrange for you to attend a medical examination with an expert who will prepare a medical report to evidence the injuries that you have suffered.

Care and assistance
You may require help and assistance from family and friends depending upon the severity of your injuries. This might range from housework to assisting with personal care. The medical evidence obtained should support your claim for care. It is therefore sensible to advise any medical expert about any care and assistance that you have required. It might also be helpful to keep a diary with details of the care required by way of evidence.

Loss of earnings
If you have not been able to work due to your injuries it is possible to claim for any loss of earnings. It is advised to discuss this with the medical expert to ensure that such details are included within the expert’s report. To evidence losses, you should also provide your lawyer with wage slips for the period prior to your absence, the period of absence and also for when you returned to work. Even if you were paid in full during your absence your employer might be entitled to recoup any payments made in the event of a successful claim, you should carefully check or provide your lawyer with a copy of your contract of employment.

Travel expenses
You are entitled to include any travel expenses within your claim for example travelling to attend your GP surgery, the hospital or any treatment such as physiotherapy. Should you incur any parking fees these can also be included but documentary evidence such as receipts will be required. It is advisable to keep a diary with details in order to evidence such expenses.

Medication and purchases
In order to claim for medication purchased or prescription charges you should retain receipts or copies of prescriptions.

Damaged items

During an accident on some occasions items might become damaged such as items within a vehicle that are damaged as a result of a road traffic accident. It is helpful, if you wish to claim for such items, that you take photographs of the damaged items and provide any receipts if possible. It is always advisable to retain any damaged property as these may be requested on some occasions.

There may, of course, be other losses that you have incurred as a result of your accident and you should discuss these with your lawyer. The main point to remember is to always, if possible, provide evidence for any loss that you wish to claim for.

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