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FAQs for landlords in Doncaster

Equally, there may also be legal requirements you don’t yet know about. While there are more comprehensive checklists available, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:
How do I find tenants?
Adverts on suitable websites are a good idea if you are targeting particular types of tenants (students, professionals etc). You can also talk to local letting agencies and estate agents, as well as putting ads in local papers. If you want to be put on the council’s list of preferred landlords, call their housing options team on 01302 862043 or email
What standards should my property meet?
There are several sets of safety standards you will need to meet, as well as ensuring that you have planning permission for any new building work. You will need a valid electrical safety certificate and a gas safety certificate. Furniture needs to comply with current fire safety regulations covering furniture and furnishings. In addition, there are also standards around energy efficiency that you will need to comply with.
Do i need a licence?
If your property is an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) there are strict requirements on the standard of accommodation you are providing. if the property has three or more storeys, or five or more households/unrelated tenants living in it, you may need a licence.
What are my rights as a landlord?
It is very wise to have a written tenancy agreement, to protect both you and your tenants. This sets out the rights and responsibilities each of you has. A solicitor can help you draft one, or copies can be acquired from a landlords’ association. It’s important to know that you do not have the right to enter the property at any time you want, and you may not evict tenants without following the correct procedure.
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