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Finding mum and dad

Children of all ages, and for lots of different reasons, are placed in local authority care across the country. This programme focused on the local authority pilot scheme of Adoption Activity Days; child-themed party’s where potential adopters can meet the children that have been difficult to place and are patiently waiting in the care system for a forever family. Much of the programme followed the lives of Daniel aged 6 and Connor aged 4. They are brothers who had already been in the care of short-term foster carers Katie and Paddy for 18 months at the start of filming. By the end of the programme, 6 months later, they had still not been matched with an adoptive family. The local authority said that there is a stigma attached to children growing up in foster care. This is a sad truth. Experienced foster carer Katie said in one heart-breaking meeting that featured on the programme, that she felt she was “trying to sell an unwanted product.” There was a real possibility that Connor and Daniel would be separated; the younger of the siblings stood a better chance of being adopted on his own.A similar story was that of Scott aged 7 who had been in foster care for 4 years by the time filming for the Chanel 4  programme started. His foster parents were Bev and Peter who confirmed with great sadness that they had also been caring for Scott’s younger sister Tracey who had been quickly adopted once the decision had been made to place the siblings separately. All children in the documentary were delightful and they certainly tugged at your heart strings. Although we did not receive confirmation of a happy ending for Connor, Daniel and Scott, viewers were left with the hope of a positive future for them. All children were thriving in their foster placements and another child, Thomas, who was born with significant heart problems and a prognosis of a future dogged by ill health was successfully adopted and is now healthy living with his new family. The pilot scheme of Adoption Activity Days placed 42 children out of 250 children – 17%, which was considered a success and the scheme is now being rolled out across the country.The public law process is emotionally challenging and difficult to understand. Whether you are a parent facing care proceedings instigated by the local authority or somebody desperate to adopt a child to complete your own family, Atherton Godfrey can offer you quality advice and representation in public law proceedings. Please contact us today for more information on 01302 320621.

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