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Five myths about industrial disease claims

Here are five of the most pervasive myths:1. There is a “compensation culture” that encourages employees to make claimsThis is simply untrue. Each year, more than 600,000 people are made ill or injured through their work. Some 25,000 people will be so badly affected that they cannot return to work. However, only one in seven of the total receives any compensation. 2. The cost of these claims is becoming unsustainableAgain, this is untrue. All employers have to take out compulsory employers liability insurance, much like car owners. So those employers who provide a safe place of work for their employees see that reflected in lower premiums. Those employers who put their employees at risk of injury, will, like dangerous drivers, pay more for their insurance.
3. Unions and lawyers contribute to this culture and its costsUnions exist to protect their members. Their influence places pressure on employers to look after their staff properly, since they know that a claim may be made if they are negligent. Solicitors’ fees are capped in lower value cases.
4. Almost any accident is eligible for compensationA successful claimant must prove that the employer has been negligent, and could have foreseen the illness or injury. Proving negligence can be difficult due to the way the law benefits the employer.5. It’s unreasonable that insurance companies should pay out for asbestosis, since the risks were unknown at the time the policy was taken outThe risks of working with asbestos have been known since the 1940s, and possibly even earlier. Insurance companies accepted premiums knowing that their customers were not providing adequate protection, and are legally¬† obliged to pay out. Have you been affected by a workplace injury or illness?
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