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Grandmother dies as ambulance queues to get into hospital

The Welsh Health Minister admitted that the Ambulance Service in Wales was not performing as it should be, on the day that 73-year-old Sonia Powell died outside a hospital while waiting to be admitted.
Her family are devastated by the circumstances surrounding Mrs Powell’s death, saying she was left outside in a queue of ambulances for over an hour. However, the hospital denies that she waited an hour and said it was only 36 minutes.
Sonia Powell’s family are concerned that she had been moved from Neath Port Talbot Hospital, where she had been admitted days before. The doctors decided to move her to the cardiac unit at Morriston Hospital, where she was waiting in an ambulance at the time she died.
Her granddaughter, Mrs Thompson, said that when they arrived at Morriston Hospital, the ambulance driver showed Mrs Powell’s notes to a doctor who was disappointed at the decision to transfer her, as there were already eight or nine ambulances waiting outside of the hospital.
Mrs Thompson also said that she had not been seen by a doctor until five minutes before she died, and that she was unhappy with her grandmother’s treatment and the lack of communication that allowed her grandmother to be waiting outside of a hospital.
The Welsh Ambulance Service Trust has launched an inquiry along with the local health trust so they can have “a full understanding of what happened” and extended their “sincere condolences” to Mrs Powell’s family.They also stated that a doctor from A&E had indeed examined Mrs Powell shortly after her arrival in the ambulance and had stayed with her until she died.
If a family member has suffered a delay in treatment or in the arrival of an ambulance, you should seek confidential advice from a medical negligence solicitor about your claim to compensation.

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