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How a Will protects your loved ones

Over half of the UK population haven’t got a Will.
Many people don’t know that if you live with a partner, in the event that you die, they will not benefit from any of your money or property. This could leave them facing real financial hardship after you have gone. 
Without that all important Will, your partner doesn’t even have the legal right to organise things like your funeral, or notify your banks, income providers or even the gas board!
And what about your children?
We live in a world of ever changing family dynamics, with first, second and even third marriages, with children from different relationships. Without a Will, dependant on the value of the estate, your surviving spouse benefits from your estate. This could potentially mean that your children would never benefit, if for example your spouse, then went on to form a new relationship.
Here at Atherton Godfrey, we take great care to make sure that your Will is tailor made to suit your own personal circumstances, whatever they are, and that your loved ones are all taken care of as you wish.
Vicky Sladdin, solicitor our Wills and Probate Department, said:  “We understand that taking those first steps to making a Will can be very difficult for some. But, as our previous clients will tell you, we make that process as easy and quick as possible.
Making a Will doesn’t mean you are about to die; it just means you will make things much simpler for your loved ones when you do.”
If you’re ready to take that very important step, or you simply want more information, please call and have a chat with Vicky Sladdin or Rachel Towle in our Wills and Probate Team, on 01302 320621, or e-mail us at

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