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How safe are your assets?

The Law Society welcomes the proposal as a step in the right direction to help protect consumers against unscrupulous people who profit from the vulnerable.
If the proposal is accepted, it will give consumers better protection and a consistent way of claiming redress if things do go wrong.
However, estate administration will not be included in the regulation and the Law Society fears taht this could leave consumers open to exploitation and in danger of losing everything.
James Sutherland, partner at Atherton Godfrey said: “For peace of mind and their own protection, people need to ensure they use a regulated law firm for wills and estate administration.
“Many of the estates we deal with involve life changing amounts of money and we’re dealing with people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.
“We are aware of some cases where beneficiaries have not received what they should have and even cases where there has been a total loss of assets.”
In justifying their decision, Chris Kenny, chief executive of the Legal Services Board, told a press briefing that there was much less evidence of vey poor practice for estate administration than there was for will-writing.
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