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HSE annual report identifies extent of workplace safety failings

Here are the top 10 statistics and facts on workplace injury taken from the report:
1.    There were 1.2 million self-reported health and safety incidents in 2013/14.

2.    The total number of workplace fatalities in the same period: 133.

3.    There were 244,000 new cases of work-related stress, taking the total number of cases to 487,000.

4.    There are over 5,500 cases of occupational cancer each year from the construction industry and more men than women were found to die from occupational cancer.

5.    Occupational cancer: the leading cause of death is occupational exposure to asbestos.

6.    Over 950 occupational dermatitis cases were seen by dermatologists in 2013.

7.    Florists, hairdressers, cooks and beauticians have high rates of dermatitis. The severity of skin disease ranges from minor irritation to severe cases of dermatitis, as well as skin cancers.

8.    The total number of work-related Noise Induced Hearing loss (NIHL) cases in Britain was estimated at around 500,000 in 1997/98, with the highest rates occurring in the energy, and extraction, construction and manufacturing industries.

9.    The most frequent causes of workplace injury are manual handling, slips and trips and falls from height, with the highest rates of injuries in the sewerage and waste supply, agriculture, construction and transport industries.

10.    The largest single cost of workplace injury is the "non-financial value given to pain, grief and suffering" (HSE Health and Statistics report 2013/14).

Behind these statistics are the lives of people who've suffered ill-health, just for turning up to work. If you or a relative have been a victim of workplace injury give us a call on 01302 320621. We have been helping victims of workplace injuries for over 25 years and can give you the confidential guidance you need.

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