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Husband ordered to pay divorce settlement or face prison

Financial settlements in a divorce can sometimes prove difficult for both parties, particularly if the breakdown of the marriage was acrimonious. However, once the judge has made an order, this is legally binding and must be adhered to. If not, the penalty could be prison. Paul Grundy is facing this very real threat after his refusal to pay his ex-wife, Jennifer Francis, the £2.3 million pound settlement following their divorce.
Mr Grundy, aged 50, and his then-wife, Ms Francis, moved to Dubai after getting married in 2002. They then became financially successful. However, their marriage broke down and they divorced in 2009. Since then, Mr Grundy has been accused of spending large sums of money on his new fiancée and a high-end sports car, whilst disputing his ability to pay the financial settlement ordered by the Judge.
The judge has given Mr Grundy three months to pay the financial settlement, or else he will be facing time in prison in the UK.
Mr Grundy has accused his ex-wife of being jealous of his relationship with his fiancée, stating that he sold his Lamborghini and spends over £40,000 a year on school fees for their son. He maintains that although he lives on Palm Island in Dubai, one of the world’s most exclusive residential addresses, his business is in trouble and that he is unable to pay the £2 million settlement. Ms Francis says that she is struggling financially and living in rented accommodation in Somerset.
What is clear is that Mr Grundy’s financial status has been assessed and that the judge will not hesitate to enforce the judgement, if the financial settlement is not paid before the three months deadline. If you are facing problems with a financial settlement after a divorce talk to us in confidence on 01302 320621 and we will advise you on your next stepsSource

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